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Our Team

John Bryan Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Bryan is the driving force behind the Watley Group, where he has served as CEO since 2003. His over 20 years experience in CEO/CRO assignments define the Group's the core activities. More recent assignments include CEO/CRO of Western Utah/Copper King, Sargeant Ranch LLC, 360 Viansa LLC, and Cetalon Corporation.

Mr. Bryan started his career in 1980 as Operations Planner at Group W Satellite Communications, a subsidiary of Westinghouse Broadcasting Corporation, a division of Westinghouse Electric Corporation, where he was responsible for planning, scheduling, and assisting in the creation of a $140,000,000 satellite communications venture for Group W Broadcasting. While Mr. Bryan was with the company, it designed, built and operated the most complex satellite communications and telematics control system ever attempted.

In 1985, Mr. Bryan became Vice President at Encom Telecommunications and Technology Incorporated, a buyout of the systems engineering division of Ford Aerospace and Scientific Atlanta. The company designed and built satellite communications systems for government agencies and commercial business.

In 1987, after Watley Investments Limited negotiated the buyout of 75% of shares of Oceonics Group Plc (a fully listed London Stock Exchange Plc), Mr. Bryan became Deputy Chairman and initiated and managed complete reorganization of the company’s operations in 17 countries (Europe, Middle East, Asia, and USA) and was responsible for all company operations and financial controls. This was the second largest GPS and positioning company worldwide. The company was sold company in 1991. Annualized rate of return for the participating investors exceeded 60%.

From 1987 to 1995, Mr. Bryan was Senior Managing Director of Watley Investments Limited (UK), and in 1995, he became the CEO of The Watley Group, LLC. Please refer to Watley’s company resume for the period starting 1987 to Present.

Paul Abramowitz

Paul Abramowitz is a business strategist with 25 years of corporate leadership experience. Mr. Abramowitz is a certified CPA and obtained his MBA at the University of Southern California. Since 2008, he is managing Director of Minerva Group, LLC., a consulting and private equity firm. From 1991 to present, he is a Principal for Special Investments, Inc., a Seattle based consulting agency, with special emphasis on providing operational and financial strategy for financially distressed companies.

Mr. Abramowitz previously (1983) was President and CEO at Infa Inc., a Las Vegas based products company, where he tripled sales by developing the core product and then wholly restructured operations, marketing and distribution.

In 1988, he became President and CEO of Western Costume Co. in Los Angeles, the #1 theatrical costume company in the world. Under his leadership, the business was elevated to substantially positive operating cash flow and the company was positioned to hold long‐term industry dominance. From 1991 until 1995, Mr. Abramowitz acted as Chief Restructuring Officer of DAK Industries, a $250 million direct marketing association in Chapter 11 at that time. He raised gross margins (+23%) for the company through implementing a purchasing and warranty strategy, enhancing the core competencies of the staff, and implementing a tax and litigation strategy. In 1995, Mr. Abramowitz joined National Claims Management Corp. in Encino, CA as Principal. While with the company, it established to penetrate the multi‐million dollar class action settlement script market. He established a direct marketing campaign to purchase settlement coupons from corporations and resell them to a leasing company for lucrative profits. As a result of this business, the terms of class action settlements were changed to eliminate this opportunity.

Paul Allan and Vulcan Inc. retained Mr. Abramowitz in 2003, to become CEO at Experience Learning Communities, based in Seattle. Mr. Abramowitz was asked to develop and implement a strategy to reduce operating losses and install internal controls in order to achieve a corporate culture change and enhance the level of community involvement. Mr. Abramowitz was able to slash expenses by 40%.

From 2006 to 2008, Mr. Abramowitz was President and CEO of Neah Power Systems Inc, where he financially revived the organization after shutdown and engineered a reverse merger to provide $2.5 Million in private placement funding in just the first 90 days and raised an additional $10 million through a second offering and “Pipes”.

Mr. Abramowitz also served as Board Member for The Technology Alliance (Seattle, VA) and as President of Young Leadership, Israel Bonds in Los Angeles. He is also a member of Certified Public Accountants.

Ted Ledesma

Ted Ledesma acts as Office Assistant to the Watley Group, providing general administrative support to the team and performing tasks such as coordinating in-office meetings and tele-conferencing, banking transactions, accounts payable administration, supporting team in troubleshooting minor technical issues and other administrative duties. He is primarily the CEO’s man Friday, managing priorities and serving as an effective liaison between offices associated with the Group and among various officers within the Group.

In the 1980s, Ted used to manage a family-owned company in the Philippines, marketing a successful natural health drink. Local management schools have cited the brand product and its marketing scheme as an example of effective product promotion.

He moved to the US in 2006 and worked briefly for Bare Elegance, an intimate apparel company, as part of the accounting staff. He then moved to the Kabbalah Centre in 2010 as Administrative Assistant to the Comptroller, handling sensitive functions such as ACH online payments, credit card management and payment requests.

Ted was graduated from the University of San Carlos in Cebu, Philippines with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration.